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Advantages Of Choosing A Pet Resort For Your Dog Over Caged Kennel Boarding

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Your dog is much more than an animal that is dependent on you. Being a furry parent means your dog is more of a companion and a family member than simply a stray in your home. Nevertheless, when travelling, more so if you are going away for a family vacation for several weeks, it is likely that you cannot take your dog along with you. And as much as this can be painful, knowing that you are leaving your pet with a trusted facility can go a long way in eliminating tee separation anxiety that you both may face. However, when you start deliberating on boarding facilities, you have to choose from two main options. The first is caged kennels where your dog will primarily be secluded or a pet resort. While a pet resort may be pricey, it is substantially more beneficial than a caged kennel, as illustrated below.

A pet resort will ensure your dog stays active

One characteristic of dogs that most pet owners will agree on is that these animals love the outdoors and adventure. Having your dog cooped up in the house all day or, worse yet, in a cage can dampen their spirits and will have a negative influence on their overall health. Choosing a pet resort for your dog when you go away with your family is the perfect way of ensuring that they will have the freedom to remain active since these allow the pets to roam outdoors. If they are limited to living in a cage, albeit temporality, their movement will be restrained and you may even come back to find your pet's personality has changed altogether.

A pet resort allows for dog socialisation

Another reason why our dog will benefit greatly from a pet resort over a caged kennel is having a chance to socialize with other dogs. Although socialization is not a critical aspect of raising your dog, especially if your pet tends to stay home all day, it may be a great opportunity! For starters, your dog gets to learn about group dynamics with other pooches. This helps your pet learn how to relate with other animals and could potentially make your pooch a friendlier dog than it was before! Another major benefit of socialisation is that your pet gains confidence in being among a pack of other dogs! Even if your pet is not the alpha among the dogs in the resort, knowing that they are accepted into the group does help in boosting their confidence. This socialisation is hard to come by in a caged kennel since, as mentioned above, the pets are typically separated.

To learn more look for pet resorts near you.