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3 Reasons to Consider Horse Cremation Over Burial Options

If you own horses, you know that eventually, you will have to lay them to rest. This means, as with any other beloved pet, that you need to make arrangements for this time. The main consideration for many people with equine funeral plans in mind is if it is better to use cremation services or burial services for your horse. Here are three reasons to consider cremation over horse burial before you make your final choice and plans.

1. Burial Options

The truth is, burial may simply not be a legal option in your area. Some areas do have laws and guidelines against the burial of large pets such as horses. This limits the options you do have available to you and may lead you to believe that you have no real option other than rendering. In these cases, you can contact a horse cremation service that will handle all of the final preparation needs for you. Keep in mind; if the cremation service is outside of a certain distance, you may have to transport the horse yourself in a horse trailer to the cremation site. The remains will generally be sent to you through postal service within a few days to a few weeks.

2. Memorial Boxes and Keepsakes

When you have your horse buried, you have one location to go to for visits. However, if you move from your property or have to sell for any reason, you have to leave your beloved pet behind. This may leave you with no keepsake or memorial of any kind to take with you. When you have your horse cremated, you can have special memorial boxes and keepsakes made for your pet. These can house their last horseshoes, bronzed horseshoes, pictures and other items that are important to you as a memory for your horse.

3. Reduced Cost

You may find that there is actually a reduced cost of having your horse cremated versus the burial. If the area you live in does allow horse burial, you may have to go through several steps. For example, some areas require the same burial techniques that a human would go through. A vault, casket and marker may be required. Each of these steps can be very costly. With cremation, you pay for the removal, cremation service and memorial options.

These are only three of the key reasons to consider horse cremation over burial services. If you think that these reasons are suitable for your situation and needs, contact your local equine cremation services provider or a pet cremation service provider. They can help you with plans, pricing, memorial stones and urns.

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If you own horses, you know that eventually, you will have to lay them to rest. This means, as with any other belov…

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