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Four Questions To Ask A Potential Boarding Kennel

The Christmas holidays are a few months away, but good boarding kennels book out early, so now is the time to make sure you have considered your pet's boarding needs for this year. If you have never boarded your pet before, you're likely unsure of how to choose a good establishment. These four questions are a great starting point for any kennel you are thinking about using.

Is Your Kennel Staffed 24/7?

No pet owner wants to return from holidays to find their pet had a medical emergency in the middle of the night which was not noticed until the next morning. The amount of staff working during both the daytime and the nighttime is a relevant question to ask, and this is particularly so if your pet has any special medical needs which need monitoring. Knowing that the pets in the boarding kennel are being checked on throughout the day and night gives peace of mind to you.

How Often And Where Does Exercise Take Place?

You certainly don't want your pet locked up in their cage 24 hours a day, so exercise time is important while you're away on holiday. You must make sure the boarding kennel is informed about the ability of your pet to get along with others so that the kennel staff make the right decision when it comes to their exercise time. An anti-social pet, for example, should be given time to play by itself, whereas a more friendly animal should be given the opportunity to exercise with other pets of a similar disposition.

What Animals Do You Provide Housing To?

As a general rule, cats and dogs don't get along. Even the scent of one is enough to irritate the other species. So, if you have a pet which gets easily irritated by the presence of its animal nemesis, then you want to make sure this type of animal is not housed in the same building as your pet. You don't want your animal getting stressed out by unwelcome smells.

What Food Is Provided?

A change in diet can upset the stomach of your pet, so finding out what types of food are provided at the boarding kennel ensures your pet doesn't suffer gastric distress while you are away. If your pet does have a delicate stomach, ask the boarding kennel whether your pet can be fed their regular food if you provide it. The majority of boarding kennels are able to work with your pet's feeding needs when you provide the food they are used to.

The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you will be about boarding your pet this Christmas. However, this is a task you need to get onto now if you want to get your pet booked into a place which you like.

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Four Questions To Ask A Potential Boarding Kennel

The Christmas holidays are a few months away, but good boarding kennels book out early, so now is the time to make …